Taking advantage of its Hawai‘i location, the program will incorporate Hawaiian values, traditions, and culture into learning activities designed to promote and support stewardship, sustainability, and peace building.

Shaping a Better and Brighter Future

More specifically, the program will explore the Hawaiian concepts of aloha (to treat others with love, kindness, and compassion), pono (to live and lead with integrity, purpose, and intentionality), kuleana (to take responsibility through informed decision-making and purposeful actions), and malama aina (to care for the land and keep it sustainable). These concepts, which reflect widely shared values embraced in societies and cultures across the Pacific and other world regions, can guide participants’ action projects to address “future we want” challenges and opportunities in their communities.

Program Phases

Importantly, P4Y Vision 2030 will create avenues for bringing younger and older generations together to promote intergenerational learning, including elders of Native Hawaiian and other  communities sharing their traditions and practices that contribute to community development, sustainability, and peacebuilding agendas. By encouraging social interactions among diverse ages as well as cultures, we hope to spread knowledge and understanding within and across communities.

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