Program Overview

Partnership for Youth: Shaping the Future We Want is a global exchange and leadership forum that brings together high school students and teachers from diverse cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds.

Program Phases

Phase One: Online Learning and Exchange

Participants will meet one another online using the project weblog. They will learn about each other and also explore resources and tools to support sustainability, peacebuilding, leadership development, and civic engagement as they prepare for in-person exchange and collaboration in Hawai‘i.

Phase Two: Hawai‘i Cultural Immersion and In-person Experiences

The program will build momentum as participants gather in Hawai‘i from July 28 (arrival in Honolulu) to August 5 (departure from Honolulu).

Participants will experience Hawai‘i’s natural beauty and distinctive environments, as well as its culture and traditions, through community immersion and experiential learning. They will also learn through peer-to-peer and expert dialogues with leaders from Hawai‘i and across the globe.

Importantly, they will hone their communication and collaboration skills and apply them to develop their “future we want” visions and how they will be the voices for change.

For details, see the program agenda here.

Phase Three: Community Outreach and Action Plan Implementation

Upon their return home, participants will share their work with peers and others in their communities and with their program cohorts via the project’s weblog.

P4Y Shaping Vision 2030 is made possible by the generous support of sponsors (the Hokupili Foundation, Hokukahi, LLC., and Hā Ola Village) and partners, including the Innovative Schools Network (ISN) and participating schools.